Lauren Darling is a business strategist who uses her creative marketing and writing skills to serve her clients in the sexuality field.

She co-founded ESC Forever Media and the sex positive blog Evil Slutopia in 2006, and her writing has also appeared on Change.org’s Women’s Rights blog, re:Cycling, and sexgenderbody. She was the Marketing Director of the sexuality conference CatalystCon for three years, and has also worked in sales, marketing, education, and product development for mainstream companies and organizations.

Lauren helps her clients bring clarity to their offerings, create genuine connections and mutually beneficial collaborations, and take their professional passions to the next level.



Lauren has been indispensable as my marketing guru, but also as a guide, coach, and friend. She has helped me develop numerous projects from the square before one all the way to completion, and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without her. You'd do well to have her on your team.
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