BLEWIT Announces Launch Of Crowdfunding Campaign

New pleasure products brand BLEWIT announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for its first product, an innovative and body safe masturbator also called BLEWIT. The campaign will officially launch January 15, 2016.

BLEWIT’s founder and CEO is CT Schenk, former CEO of Aneros, who has more than ten years of experience in the industry and was the first winner of the XBIZ Chief Executive of the Year award.

BLEWIT is a patented product that was designed to perfectly simulate intercourse and enhance a user’s overall sexual health. The twisted octagon shape creates an ergonomic fit for both left and right handed users and hands of all sizes, and the skin-soft sleeve is multi-textured for enhanced stimulation. BLEWIT has a top cap with quick-flip suction control and an air tight seal that creates a vacuum-like suction, and also includes two inner rings so users can adjust the product to their desired tightness.

“We’re excited to present our product to people, but we’re also looking to spark a larger conversation about masturbation and sexual health,” said Schenk. “There are so many harmful stereotypes and stigmas out there that we want to challenge. Masturbation isn’t something to be ashamed of, or a sign that sex with your partner is lacking. It can enhance your sex life, your overall health, and your relationships. We chose to launch our product with a crowdfunding campaign so that we can have this conversation more directly with consumers.”

For more information and to sign up for upcoming announcements about BLEWIT and our crowdfunding campaign, visit Team BLEWIT can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


About BLEWIT: Team BLEWIT aims to challenge harmful ideas about sexuality in our society by creating products that enhance sexual health, performance, and pleasure, and creating a community that welcomes open, honest, and real conversations about sex, health, and relationships. Their first product is officially launching this month, and you can learn more at and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About CT: CT Schenk is the CEO of BLEWIT and a passionate advocate for all forms of healthy sexuality. He has 10 years of experience in the adult industry and has served as Director of Operations of Fleshlight and CEO of Aneros, where he developed a passion for promoting open communication about sexual health and pleasure. During his time at Aneros, he received the first ever Chief Executive of the Year award from XBIZ for his efforts to make the brand a leader in the field of sexual wellness. CT is committed to confronting sexual shame and stigmas, and creating progressive pleasure products and honest conversations that improve sex lives everywhere.



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