Cooper S. Beckett Announces Release of A Life Less Monogamous

Podcast Host and Non-Monogamy Expert Debuts Novel On Swinging and Relationships

Author, podcaster, and sex educator Cooper S. Beckett announces the release of A Life Less Monogamous, a novel about being a newbie in the swinging lifestyle.

Beckett is the founder of Life on the Swingset, a website about swinging, polyamory, and open relationships, and the host of its flagship podcast Life on the Swingset. His first book, a memoir and essay collection called My Life on the Swingset, was published last year and reached #1 on’s sexuality bestsellers list.365-allm

Published on Beckett’s own Hump & Circumstance Press, A Life Less Monogamous tells the story of Ryan and Jennifer, a couple who find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage and sex life. A chance meeting at a party with a pair of swingers leads to a new friendship and an introduction to a different kind of relationship. Ryan and Jennifer jump into the deep end and find a better understanding of themselves, a new world of sexual exploration, and a deeper connection with friends and each other as they navigate the pleasures and challenges of the swinging lifestyle.

“I believe that this novel contains some of my finest writing on the dense topic of non-monogamy, and I’m incredibly proud to have this story out in the world,” said Beckett. “We the weirdos, the non-monos, the swingers, have been incredibly under-represented in the world of media, and that is something I hope is beginning to change.”

A Life Less Monogamous is available as an ebook and paperback today, and the audiobook version is available for pre-order. For more information and to order the book, visit


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